Gather Together With Our Finest Men And...

Take Your Money, Body, and Game To The Next Level 

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High Income Alpha: 

The 1-on-1 Mentoring And Accountability You've Been Looking For…

If you’re frustrated with your dating life…

If you’re tired of women taking advantage of you…

If you’re sick of being ghosted or cheated on…

If you’re overwhelmed with information online and want to get a clear path for your dating life…

This is the program for you right now.

I know that you’re tired, beaten down, and frustrated with your dating situation now

I like the idea of using a downturn to catapult us to higher levels of wealth and income. 

That’s why if you’re like me, willing to do what others are not… 

I believe the time to get focused, deliberate and proactive as a man is …

Right. Now.

In fact, working with thousands of men - from 9 figure deal makers, to certified ladies men, to multi-million dollar business owners - and speaking to them privately behind closed doors about what we’re likely to face…

You realize there’s great value in surrounding ourselves with other like-minded, high achievers who want to make the most out of this inevitable opportunity. 

That’s just one of the reasons why I am introducing High Income Alpha

I wanted a group designed to talk about women and money openly on a deeper level.

And I created this because I wanted to give my higher level students 2 things: 

  • Dedicated one-on-one time with me and… 
  • An Opportunity to grow at the FASTEST RATE POSSIBLE to get more women and money..

As a member, you’ll rub shoulders with guys who have a similar work ethic, mindset and outlook on life. 

You’ll receive lessons that can help grow your business, your agency, your personal brand, your dates, your matches, your rotation of girls, and of course, your net worth.

We’ll have deep discussions on how to get the best outcomes with your current and future women. 

We'll do investment updates, inner game, fitness regimens, biohacking, post-date reports, millionaire mindset training and more.

This group is designed to help you become the 1% in the core 4 areas of Money, Muscles, Game, and Frame - as fast as humanly possible. 

The High Income Alpha is designed to make the modern man go after what he wants. 

It teaches professional men with busy lives how to be a High Value Man and understand what it means to be a masculine alpha male...

And how to meet, attract, date and build relationships with their dream girl(s) in whatever way the want whether it be online dating apps, day game, night game, social networking, and more.

The High Income Alpha is for men who take themselves seriously and who are ok with living in an attractive masculine lifestyle
This simply means: You’re on a constant self improvement journey while always leaving your comfort zone and consistently interacting with women you find attractive. 

This will give you a dream dating life on your own terms and at your convenience.
From A to Z High Income Alpha will guide you from seeing a girl you find attractive in real life. 

How to start a conversation with her and what to say to get her interested in talking with you, to how to get her phone number, how to text game her, then set the date, how to act on the date to seduce her and then how to get her back to your place.

From there I will teach you how to get her on your team and show you how to train her to be a good woman for you.

Here’s how it works:

Every Sunday at 11:00 AM Eastern standard time we will get together on Zoom and debrief our week through the lens of the core 4 pillars of Money, Muscles, Game and Frame. 

We’ll be talking openly about serious topics like - how to make the most of our money in these chaotic times, how to get the best outcomes with our women, and how to get our physical and mental fitness in peak condition. 

Later, you will have a chance to network and collaborate with other members if you choose.

Then we modify your game plan to get the dates and women you want NOW!

In case schedules don’t align, these meetings will be recorded and uploaded for you to have available at your leisure. 

In between the weekly meetings, you’ll be able to speak with other club members through our confidential telegram chat. 

Finally, once a month, you’ll jump on a 30 minute one-on-one call with me to go over whatever you need - strategy, advice or reassurance on whatever is most important to your life at that time.

That’s right you get:

  • 4 Weekly Zoom Coaching Calls with MLD ($2,000 Value)
  • Telegram Chat for VIP Members Only ($300 Value)
  • 1 Monthly 30 Min Call with MLD ($250 Value)

To make this club as valuable as possible, I have to keep the group small and intimate. That’s why there will only be 20 spots available

So if you meet all the requirements and are interested in joining us, fill out the application below and one of the people from our VIP Membership team will reach out to you when the time comes. 

I look forward to making this a great year with you.